When Life Hands You Lemons Make Lemonade

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The Evolution of Real Coaching Radio-TV Network by RCRN

An incredible evolution is going on right now at Real Coaching Radio-TV Network and Conscious Evolution Media.  We have actually gone into Live Streaming of our shows to Goggle+ Hangouts and YouTube.  This is an amazing show which means I cannot make any mistakes because it's going directly where it's supposed to go: Live to YouTube.

Anyway, we have an incredible guest today on my NinonSpeaks Media Image Internet-TV show. His name is Coach Steve Toth; a littlebit on this gentleman he's actually my producer, lives in Denver and he has this Conscious Evolution Media program for actually just a short while but before that he had Real Coaching Radio-TV Network. He's been doing Life Streaming of many Internet-TV Shows for eight years and now we are doing this in Google+ Hangouts and the picture is very clear.  

His been taking a few beatings from the Live Streaming industry lately; Stickam the number one live streaming network just closed down 9in January 2013, then Blog-TV went down-sold and then Manymoons got sold as well and he actually kept his consciousness because that is what he does. He lives in the world of consciousness and he kept himself together.

He is the person that got me on the Internet with my TV show over two years ago so he has asked me to do our first premier show on this new network.

"I think everybody out there was conspiring to stop me but I am not stoppable. I don't feel Stickam handled their business affairs very professionally.  They gave everybody a couple of days notice before they shut down completely.  A lot of people got suprised by their action and may have lost a lot of valuable content and didn't have enough time to make other plans for their shows"

"What rules the day is a lot of people and businesses are not being conscious.  Everything is about the self, corporations and government these days.  Humanity must realize that we are all connected conscious or not.  Everything we do does matter and effects not just us but everyone.

Human consciousness is unfolding. For the first time in the history of our species we are able to consciously participate in our evolution.  This represents a shift from an ego based point of you to an aware, holistic and spiritual basis for living our lives.

We have a commitment  to evolve and transition our network to assist all  humans including ourselves to become self-evolving beings, able to adapt in whatever directions are necessary for future evolutionary success, relatively unaffected  by our biological past or by our previous life experiences.   

We as a network continually recreate ourselves, to assist us and others to be able to change human nature at will, to repeatedly sacrifice what we stand for, what we can become and to continually die and be born again.  This is the purpose of Conscious Evolution Media." by Coach Steve Toth 

So lesson to be learned in this episode of the NinonSpeaks Media Image show is: When Life Hands You Lemons Make Lemonade 

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This is aweome news.

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