What Does It Mean to Be a Man Today?

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I must say that the show on the 17th with guest Phil Parker was one of Coach Steve Toth’s favorites the theme was: "What Does It Mean to Be a Man Today?", and I feel the same way.  Phil was a great guest, very insightful, animated, and wise, with a tremendous amount of living and experience to draw upon.  While we all had a good laugh we also touched upon many deep subjects that should have planted seeds for contemplation with our viewers.

For instance, things such as Phil’s answer to my question regarding how he, as a naval officer, initiated young men to be Men in the Navy, ---he lead by example.  HE LED BY EXAMPLE –iron sharpens iron, man sharpen man.  (NOT women sharpen man) Women can NEVER sharpen men, PERIOD. This is something almost entirely lost to the young boys, men, of today here in the West. Almost without exception, when I search men today to see who makes up their circle of advisors I am sickened to see its all women.  WHY? 

Following this line of thought Phil also brought up the point that when family life with Dad centers on the TV watching some kind of insipid (weak, foolish, garbage) program, THAT becomes the example. Now, add to that the data I constantly try to emphasize regarding TV, that the programming is sinking directly into the subconscious mind, producing beliefs and behaviors without the viewer’s awareness.  As I have constantly explained, that is an EXACT SCIENCE!

I do want to explain something now that I feel is important for you all to understand.  On the Radical Man Show, Coach Steve and I WANT to stir up the pot.  I WANT to purposefully shock or stimulate the viewing audience and arouse emotion.  However, my online coaching in Applied Samurai Wisdom is not like that at all. 

General George Patton, my most favorite Military legend, said that when he wanted something to really stick in his men’s minds, he gave it to them down and dirty.  He constantly swore.  On Radical Man I am rough and very animated.  I think of political correctness as something fit only for cowards and therefore I don’t hesitate to speak my mind. My inner spirit has always been similar to a Spartacus or a William Wallace, not a bama.

What I do NOT want you to imagine however, is that I am some kind of tuff rough martial artist.  NOT AT ALL.  I live and train a ZEN existence; my sword work is ZEN SWORD and very steeped in the deep philosophy, meditation, and introspection of Classical Japan and THAT is what I teach in APPLIED SAMURAI WISDOM which is designed for both men and women alike.  While my martial range is from full on Battlefield to Monastic life, my emphasis is spiritual enlightenment, not violence. The Radical Man show is however, designed for men, which is one of my most important subjects. So I speak accordingly!

Coach Steve and I both share the fact that we have done and continue to do extensive inner work on ourselves.  Both of us are diverse and complicated while at the same time very simple and direct.  So I want to urge you now to view Radical Man, Coach Steve, and I as well as APPLIED SAMURAI WISDOM from a deeper perspective.

What I am learning as I do this show with various guests is that while they themselves are proven men, the process that made them is quite unconscious.  When asked what it means to be a man, a couple of simple surface values are mentioned, like responsibility, but nothing deeper.  Women can be responsible too and often are, (try being a Mom sometime).  Being ‘responsible’ is FAR from being a definition of Manhood.  Let me assure you all, that THE DEEP MASCULINE is indeed deep, profound, and something to cherish and pursue with utter abandon.

Take the time to begin your own inner journey to explore it!!!  Read IRON JOHN by Robert Bly, that book alone will change your life.  It will help you raise your boys and understand yourself. Start to study what processes and rich tapestry make MEN from boys and the trials and stages necessary to get there.  These things are in your very DNA, start to awaken them!!!

Get Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius, and learn what concerned a GREAT MAN, rather than some women.   Begin to seek out and be inspired by MEN!!!  Instead of watching Mrs. Doubt Fire, programming yourself to be ashamed of whom you are, watch SPARTICUS with Kirk Douglas and be moved by male guts and honor.  Be sure it’s the original; the new versions have weak men as actors.

Read the Hagakure, learn how a Samurai thought and responded to life and responsibility rather than watching political idiots with no more virtue than dung.

And if you TRULY want to REALLY CHANGE your life and your results from last year, if you are SICK and TIRED of the same old way of being and doing then go to this link  Enter your info and watch your first FREE class.  I MADE A BRAND NEW ONE for you; it’s short and concise and will really help you with STRESS!!!!  If it speaks to you then subscribe, or tell your friends, help me to help others by your referral.  

So I hope to hear from you personally, and to serve you this year through Applied Samurai Wisdom.  The word Samurai comes from the root word, Saburo, which means ‘to serve’.  Let me serve you, and life will really change for you and your family. 


Dr. Grant Kruhly
Sensei and Founder of Applied Samurai Wisdom

Author of WANT MORE? The 7 Simple Disciplines to Empower Your Life




The Radical Man Jan 17, 2013 by RCRN

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