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How to Win the Lottery of Life?

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  • Learn about what is the Divine Self?
  • Why Contact Your Divine Self?
  • How to contact Your Divine Self?
  • Learn about the qualities of the Divine Self and self-knowledge
  • How to access your infinate potencial?
  • How to use the 7 faces of intention; Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Abundance, and Peacefulness
  • How to live a life daily filled with Wellness, Wealth, Peace, Love and Spirituality?
  • The end result of becoming your Divine Self is Freedom
  • Get access to

The Cosmic Code

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Mind Body and Soul Video 04-15-2011 - Interview with Dr Louis Turi-Astrologer, Author, Lecturer, Hypnotherapist and Musician about The Cosmic Code. Dr Turi's fans and followers have taken over our member portal to make sure he gets sheduled for one of our programs.  Am I glad they did! If you enjoy laughter, being connected to Spirit and experience for yourself what consciousness looks like and feels like this is the show to watch.

Dancing on the River

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Mind Body and Soul-Guest Mark Susnow 11-11-2010 - Interview with Mark Susnow-Author and Executive Life Coach. Author of the "Dancing on the River:Navigating Life's Changes".

We talked about how Mark helps his coaching client's to find joy and meaning in their life. We paid special attention to meditation, processing of emotions and the value of gratitude.

Watch the 15 minute show preview:

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