Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants

Bouncing Back Now-Guest Elliott Katz 11-10-2010 – This week’s episode: Interview with Elliott Katz, Author and Speech Writer Revealed the Three Keys to Being a Strong Man.

Mr. Elliott Katz intrigued viewers with the concept of being a strong man. His new book entitled: Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants has been translated into 20 languages and is in worldwide distribution.

The Direction

Moving beyond the trendy ideas about a man’s role that just don’t seem to work, Elliott shared insights on being a man that have withstood the test of time. Interestingly, these insights are the traits that he has heard many women complain were lacking in men today:
· showing leadership
· making decisions
· taking responsibility

He also discussed the importance for men of stepping up to the plate. Elliott stressed that women are looking for strong men in their lives. They want to feel safe. In many cases, as women have gotten stronger and more independent, men have gotten progressively weaker. Women are picking up more and more responsibility and decision making and they are beginning to deeply resent it.

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How Does It Work For You?

When we hear that all women want a strong man – we re-actively recoil in the generalization. Of course, each couple is unique. In every relationship, clearly some decisions are more suited to the particular woman, and some decisions are more suited to the particular man. But most would agree that major and joint decisions need to be made with participation and constructive input by both parties. A relationship is a partnership; a relationship is a team. With the partnership attitude, the relationship simply works better.

What Are Men Doing?

Where have today’s men gone astray? Katz theorized that since the age of industrialization modern men have spent less time with their fathers. They have fewer strong male role models and limited daily encounters with men in general. In the media men are often portrayed as weak, cast as buffoons in the sit coms, the subject of ridicule, and the brunt of jokes.
Men are genuinely trying to be sensitive to the needs of wants of the women in their lives. Elliott noted that the standard men’s “whatever you want” reply is not on for important decisions that affect the couple and the family. Women are becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of leadership they are seeing.
Elliott was careful to distinguish the traits of the strong man from a mean, controlling bully – this is not the goal at all. A strong man can be both kind and considerate — as well as decisive. It is a balancing act that modern men are just now navigating. Men’s roles have shifted so far and so fast, up until now, there has been very little in the way of a useful road map. Now there is.

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